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Arun Taneja,
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Backup to Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage provides an excellent location for off-site backups for disaster recovery purposes.

Amanda Backup Archiving

In addition to traditional backup to disk and tape, Amanda Enterprise can now use Google Cloud Storage to backup, archive and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the Internet. Amanda Enterprise customers now get access to Google's advanced storage infrastructure to store and reliably access their backup data.


  • Streamlined offsite backup storage & recovery process
  • Layered security & bandwidth optimization
  • Retrieve data anytime, anywhere. Faster than restoring from offsite tape storage
  • Cost effective “pay as you go”
  • Easy to use & manage with Amanda Enterprise
  • Online storage service backed by Google’s 99.9% SLA

Amanda Backup for Google Cloud Storage

Selecting Google Cloud Storage as a target for backup with ZMC

The intuitive browser-based Zmanda Management Console (ZMC) makes it very easy to configure Google Cloud Storage as a target for backup and archiving. After initial configuration, Amanda Enterprise securely sends a copy of your data for safe and secure storage on Google Cloud.

EUDPD Compliant

EUDPD Compliant: With Amanda Enterprise 3.3, this option is compliant with the EU Data Protection Directive. You can choose to constrain your backup data to go to Google’s data centers within the EU boundaries.

Tape Backup vs. Google Cloud Storage

In comparison to traditional storing of tapes off-site for disaster recovery, the Google Cloud Storage provides streamlined recovery process with minimal downtime for your business.

Recovery from off-site tape Recovery from Google Cloud Storage
Identify location of the required tapes Find files or directories using intuitive ZMC and click Restore
Request your off-site tape storage vendor, e.g. Iron Mountain, to deliver the tapes
Mount and read the tape until required data is found and recovered
Unload the tape and repeat with another tape if required
Total downtime for best case scenario is hours, but usually takes several days Total downtime is a few minutes

Additional Resources for Amanda Enterprise

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