Zmanda launches the industry's most advanced cloud backup solution for Windows

Cloud backup of SharePoint and MySQL, geography control, improved restore capabilities, security and performance enhancements made in ZCB 2.0.

SUNNYVALE, Calif.— October 1st, 2009 – Zmanda™, the leader in open source backup and recovery software, today announced the second generation of its Zmanda Cloud Backup (ZCB) product. With new features such as cloud backup of MySQL and SharePoint; geography control; selective restore; and security and performance enhancements, ZCB 2.0 is the most functionally advanced cloud backup solution on the market for the Windows system administrators.

ZCB 2.0 is ideal for small-and-medium sized businesses (SMBs) that need a comprehensive yet easy-to-use Windows backup solution for backup and disaster recovery of Windows File Servers, SQL Servers, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle and MySQL.

"One of the biggest challenges of running an e-commerce company in Southern Louisiana is the very real risk of being struck by a hurricane. Having a secure off-site backup is a critical part of our disaster recovery plan." said Christian Page, IT manager, Q-Based Healthcare. "Zmanda Cloud Backup has been a key element of our backup plan for our SQL database and file servers, and we are very excited about the new features in ZCB 2.0."

By utilizing the geography control feature, users can select the specific geography where they would like backup data to be stored in order to ensure optimal disaster recovery protection while remaining compliant with local data retention laws, such as the EU Data Protection Directive.

Selective restore capabilities were also added, which allows users to recover an individual file from a large directory rather than having to restore the entire directory to recover a single file.

Finally, Windows Security Certificate-based encryption has been added for backup archives to provide familiar but iron-clad security of data residing on the cloud.

"ZCB 2.0 further solidifies our leadership in the Windows-based cloud backup space," said Chander Kant, chief executive officer, Zmanda. "ZCB provides users with the assurance that their entire Windows environment, from soup-to-nuts, is protected in the event of a disaster and can be restored to any location with Internet access."

ZCB is a simple GUI-based backup solution that allows Windows users to easily automate their backup and recovery process. This robust yet simple-to-use solution provides ongoing protection against disaster, user error and theft. Once ZCB is installed and the backup process is set using its simple scheduler, ZCB automatically backs up files, applications, databases, and networked devices to a storage cloud. The management console allows system administrators to schedule the extraction of backup data from live applications and the upload of backup archives to the storage cloud as independently scheduled operations, thus reducing the burden of backup operations on production applications and WAN bandwidth. ZCB can also be used to protect either physical or virtual machines. The backups are stored in a native format, giving users the option to access and reuse their files even without ZCB.

The price for ZCB 2.0 with a basic service level agreement (SLA) consists of a flexible pay-as-you-go cost of $0.20/GB/month ($0.25/GB/Month for EU) for data transfer and storage on the cloud, plus a monthly charge of $4.95 per account for the protection of an unlimited number of Windows servers. ZCB is immediately available for purchase and download from

About Zmanda

Zmanda, based in Sunnyvale, California, is the global leader in open source enterprise backup and recovery. The company’s products — Amanda Enterprise, Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL, and Zmanda Cloud Backup (ZCB) — make it simple and affordable to backup and recover data in an increasingly complex and heterogeneous IT environment. Amanda Enterprise is an enterprise-grade, network backup solution based on Amanda, the world’s most popular open source backup and recovery software with more than half a million active installations worldwide. ZRM for MySQL is the first mission-critical backup solution designed specifically for MySQL databases. ZCB is the first Windows backup solution to backup both files and live applications to the Amazon S3 storage cloud. Businesses in more than 40 countries trust Zmanda to protect their corporate data. For more information about Zmanda, please contact or go to

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